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        1. Directory

          For faculty contact information please see the faculty page.

          Patricia A. Bartley
          Director of Enrollment Management and Registrar
          pbartley@ 773.256.0717
          Bob Berridge
          Vice President for Operations
          bberridg@ 773.256.0783
          Jan Boden
          Communications Manager
          jboden@ 773.256.0744
          Elaine Bonner
          Access 3分11选5下载 Manager, JKM Library
          ebonner@jkmlibrary.org 773.256.0732
          Abimbola (Abbie) Brown
          Operations Assistant
          abbie.brown@ 773.256.0700
          Timothy Brown
          Major Gift Officer
          timothy.brown@ 773.256.0698
          Sarah Burdick
          Philanthropic Engagement Coordinator


          Scott Chalmers
          Dean of Student 3分11选5下载
          schalmer@ 773.256.0685
          Elizabeth Chentland
          Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
          elizabeth.chentland@ 773.256.0704
          Erik Christensen
          Pastor to the Community and Director of Worship
          erik.christensen@ 773.256.0696
          Aaron Copley-Spivey
          Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator
          aaron.copley@ 773.256.0771
          Vimary “Vima” Couvertier-Cruz
          Acting/Interim Coordinator, International Student Affairs Office
          international@ 773.256.0673
          John Damer
          Director of Advancement Operations
          john.damer@ 773.256.0699
          Patti DeBias
          Assistant to the President
          pdebias@ 773.256.0728
          Samantha DeBias
          Accounting Coordinator
          samantha.debias@ 773.256.0742
          Kimberley Ferguson
          kferguso@ 773.256.0700
          Andrea Finnegan
          Vice President for Finance
          andrea.finnegan@ 773.256.0779
          Ryan Fordice
          Donor Relations Manager
          ryan.fordice@ 773.256.0757
          James Foster
          Safety and Security Manager
          james.foster@ 773.256.0700
          David Glover
          Editorial Assistant Zygon Journal, Project Administrator, ZCRS
          dglover@ 773.256.0767
          Keith Hampton
          Cantor to the Seminary Community
          keith.hampton@ 773.256.0799 
          Marvis Hardy
          Part-Time Staff Accountant
          marvis.hardy@ 773.256.0715
          Akeem Haywood
          Prep Cook, Food 3分11选5下载, The Refectory
          Barry Hopkins
          Interim Director, JKM Library
          bhopkins@jkmlibrary.org 773.256.0734
          Cheryl Hoth
          Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs
          choth@ 773.256.0721
          Jessica P. Houston
          Advancement Programs and Events Manager
          jhouston@ 773.256.0697
          Michael Huckelberry
          Director, Building 3分11选5下载
          Matthew James
          Director of Admissions
          matthew.james@ 773.256.0727
          Judith Jean-Michel
          Executive Administrative Assistant for Advancement
          Judith.jean-michel@ 773.256.0690
          Burmaa Kaylin
          Tech 3分11选5下载 Assistant, JKM
          bkaylin@jkmlibrary.org 773.256.0731
          Bianca Leoni
          Student 3分11选5下载 Assistant
          bianca.leoni@ 773.256.0681
          Jason McGovern
          Web Manager, Communications and Marketing Office
          Anna Moorhead
          Mission Ambassador for Advancement
          anna.moorhead@ 773.256.0718
          William Myatt
          Director of Philanthropic Engagement
          william.myatt@ 773.256.0761
          James Nieman
          jnieman@ 773.256.0728
          Scott Pachowicz
          Assistant Director of Building 3分11选5下载 - Renovation/Upgrade
          Arthur C. Petersen
          Editor, Zygon Journal of Religion and Science
          arthur.petersen@ucl.ac.uk  773.256.0671
          Frank Perez
          Culinary Manager
          Emilie Pulver
          Special Projects Librarian, JKM
          epulver@jkmlibrary.org 773.256.0730
          Nate Ramsey
          Director of Financial Aid
          nramsey@ 773.256.0709
          Langston Roberson
          Gift Processing and Data 3分11选5下载 Manager
          langton.roberson@ 773.256.0712
          Julie Sevig
          Communications Specialist
          julie.sevig@ 773.256.0740
          Marji Shannon
          Associate Director, Contextual Education
          mshannon@ 773.256.0746
          Martha Stocker
          Director of Information Technology
          martha.stocker@ 773.256.0719
          Jennifer Thomas
          Alumni and Church Engagement Manager
          jthomas@ 773.256.0698
          Sara Trumm
          Director, A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice
          strumm@ ccme@ 773.256.0708
          Debra Van Der Molen
          Assistant Editor, Zygon Journal
          zygon@ 773.256.0671
          Arice Vance
          Senior Line Cook
          Gloria Vicente
          Advanced Studies Program Coordinator;
          International Student Administrator
          gloria.vicente@ 773.256.0745
          Richard Vivian
          Lena Washington
          Director of Dining 3分11选5下载
          lena.washington@ 773.256.0702
          Devan Wasz
          Pastry Chef and Administrative Manager for Dining 3分11选5下载
          devan.wasz@ 773.256.0702
          Rob Worley
          Director, Language Resource and Writing Center
          rworley@mccormick.edu 773.256.0707
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